Wood Guadalupe Rosary Bracelet



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This one decade cord rosary bracelet is a great way to pray the rosary on the go. The ten oval ‘Hail Mary’ beads are alternated with smaller round beads. Each wooden bead is stained with a lovely olive color. Two special beads are included: one of the oval beads features a colorful Our Lady of Guadalupe image, while another bead is a large cross shape. This one decade rosary bracelet is perfectly adjustible for large or small wrists due to its elastic band, and slips off the wrist with ease. The affordable price makes this a sweet, simple gift for a child, teen, or adult. Great for use as a one decade rosary both on and off the wrist. Wood bead rosary bracelet One decade rosary Olive-colored oval beads Our Lady of Guadalupe Stretch bracelet Beads measure 1cm & 5mm Elastic band


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