Why a Protestant Pastor Became Catholic (CD) by Scott Hahn



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The Conversion story of Dr. Scott Hahn has become legendary for converting people to fall in love with the Catholic Faith and to re-sensitize the lukewarm and fallen-away baptized. Like other famous converts, from Augustine to Newman, Dr. Hahn is able to help people appreciate the Catholic Faith in ways ordinary Catholics, who often take their heritage for granted, cannot. This is a story as old as Saul of Tarsus, as poignant as that of John Henry Newman and G. K. Chesterton–it’s a conversion story that is so powerful that it has in fact caused thousands to convert and embrace the Catholic Faith. Like the Newman Movement, here is a story that Protestant ministers dare not experience for fear of being plagued with doubt or, even worse, a heretical belief in their own Christian denominations. In fact, many Protestant ministers have heard his story which has lead to over one hundred wonderful ex-Protestant minister converts who are now serving the Church as lay ministers for the Catholic Faith. Scott, who once vigorously attacked the Catholic Faith was shocked to discover the ineffability and scripturally warranted correctness of the Catholic Church. The more Scott studied the Bible, the more serious questions arose in his mind about such issues as sin and redemption, the nature of the Church, the meaning of the Last Supper, Scriptural authority and revelation. Like John Henry Newman, Scott was self-driven to find the Truth. And, he was dedicated to following the truth wherever it lead him–even if it lead him to Rome and would cost him dearly. He eventually lost his job, his position in the Evangelical Society, many of his friends and his vocation as a minister. But, he lost less than what he gained — the full truth of the Gospel. That’s when the former persecutor became a great champion and defender of the Faith. This incredible recording captures that moment in time that burned with the passion and excitement of Scott’s early conversion, as well as the painful chasm that was created before his wife Kimberly converted to the Faith. See or hear it for yourself, and make sure your friends and relatives can experience for themselves the tremendous spiritual power of Dr. Scott Hahn’s journey of Faith. They’ll discover why Dr. Scott Hahn has been invited to speak around the world to audience of Catholics, non-Catholics, bishops and business executives. They’ll also learn how he went from being militantly anti-Catholic to what he is today–one of the most powerful and sought after speakers, internationally recognized theologians, and ardent defenders of the Faith. This recording is a must for anyone who needs to fan their own fire for the Faith. And, its for everyone who cares about somebody that is not in full communion with the Church. Why a Protestant Pastor Became Catholic (CD) The conversion story of Dr. Scott Hahn A beautiful, inspiring journey Uplifting, inspiring, and informative


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