Sterling Silver Small Celtic Crucifix



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Crafted in sterling silver, this ornate Celtic crucifix necklace is a powerful, yet elegant statement. At one inch in length, the crucifix pendant is just the right size to be noticed. This Celtic crucifix has a lovely raised corpus and the silver shimmers at certain angles. The Celtic Cross became famous all over the world following St. Patrick’s evangelization of Ireland. The Celtic Cross retains the Sun Circle, which symbolized life for the ancient Celts, and combines it with Jesus on the Cross as the symbol of everlasting life. The engraved detail on this cross necklace is reminiscent of the figures engraved into the famous Celtic high crosses that dot Ireland’s landscape. This sterling silver celtic cross necklace is rich in meaning and would make an excellent gift for a loved one. Sterling Silver Celtic Crucifix pendant Comes with simple 18” chain necklace Features detailed engraving for a stunning finish Sterling silver crucifix measures 1” 18” chain


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