Sterling Silver 4-Way Cross First Communion Chalice Center Medal




A four-way cross is made up of four separate medals joined together to form a cruciform. This sterling silver four-way cross features the chalice and host of First Communion in the center. The top features the scapular of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, a symbol of Jesus’ incredible love for each and every one of us. To the right is the patron saint of travelers, St. Christopher. The lower portion is the Miraculous medal, which promises divine blessings to those who wear it with piety. The left side depicts St. Joseph, foster father of Jesus and patron saint of workers and families. This four-way medal will serve as a special reminder of this holy sacrament! Four-way First Communion cross Unique design Sterling Silver 4-Way medal 18″ Rhodium Plated chain Approx. 0.75″ (L) “I am a Catholic” inscription on back


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