St.Michael Statue, Wood Look – 8 inches



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This wood color St Michael Statue shows the power of God as depicted by the saint in slaying Satan and holding the scales of judgment. St Michael is portrayed in the Bible and through tradition as a protector and defender of faith. When he makes his first appearance to Joshua in the Old Testament he introduces himself as the ‘captain of the host of the Lord’ (Joshua 5:13-15). In the book of Daniel he is referred to as the ‘the great prince that protects you’ (Daniel 12:1). Through the ages, St Michael has been portrayed as a protector and defender. For this reason many people have taken to having some version of the Saint Michael statue in their homes to ward off misfortune. This beautiful rendition would make a perfect companion on a mantle, shelf or in a nook in your home. Beautiful wood look St. Michael Statue Great size for a mantle or shelf at home or the office Makes a unique gift for any Catholic Made in Lucca, Italy Made of resin Measures 8 inches


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