St Anne Figure 7″




The Gospel of James tells that Anne and her husband, Joachim, were childless late into their lives, though they both desperately wanted a child. In desperation, Joachim went into the desert to fast and pray for a child while Anne, at home, bewailed her fate. One day, in prayer, she looked up to see an angel descending to tell her that she would conceive a child who would become famous throughout the world. Soon thereafter, Anne became pregnant and later gave birth to Mary, the mother of Jesus. Anne is the patron of grandmothers because she was the grandmother of Jesus of Nazareth. Made of quality stone-like material. Makes a wonderful Mother’s Day gift or simply place anywhere where peace is needed. Patron of grandmothers Resin/Stone mix Measures: 7″H 5″W 4.25″D Joseph’s Studio


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