Premium Original Brown Scapular



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The brown scapular has been one of the most beloved sacramentals in our history, given to St. Simon Stock by Our Lady herself. She told him it would be a garment of grace, and an indication of her special protection. Unfortunately, scapulars are not as timeless as the graces they convey! Here is the exception. Durable brown paracord made in the USA means no fraying and years of wear. Australian Merino wool makes for a soft scapular – a hug from your spiritual Mother. Gold Marian emblem on both sides. One panel includes a pocket for special medals. Premium Brown Scapular with gold Marian emblem Pocket for your special medals or other sacramentals Australian Merino wool American made with incredibly durable, sturdy cording Scapular panels: 1.5″ (H) x 1.1″ (W) Merino Wool, Paracord Made in the USA