Our Lady of Guadalupe Flameless Candle



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Our Blessed Mother told Juan Diego her image was to be known as “Santa Maria de Guadalupe” and thus she has been venerated by this title for nearly centuries. The exquisite and delicately Sacred Image is a pictograph, meaning every detail is symbolic. She is brighter than the sun; her foot rests upon the moon; the stars on her mantle are in the same relative configurations as the stars in the heavens on the morning of December 12, 1531 (Her feast day); the northern constellations on her right – the southern constellations on her left. Further, the golden filigree over her rose colored gown matches the topography of the Mexican lands once ruled by the Aztecs who were in desperate need of conversion. All this meaning and purpose in an image God gave us! Traditional and unforgettable images are beautifully re-mastered for a lifetime of viewing. Flameless candles offer the classic candle look and are an innovative approach for increasing safety. Candle can be used in most hospitals and nursing homes to bring comfort to the ill and elderly. The flameless candle will burn endlessly and give lasting inspiration. Our Lady of Guadalupe… Pray for us! Exciting gift for expectant Mothers! Hand assembled and tested to ensure quality Warm and steady glowing low 4 watt light bulb Long lasting and safe Comes pre-assembled and ready to plug in Contains a custom light bulb replacement tool 6′ cord with easy on and off switch 8″ tall No open flame


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