In Conversation With God – Vol. 4 – Ordinary Time, Weeks 13-23 by Francis Fernandez




A series of outstanding meditations that follows the Church’s liturgical calendar. Each day’s meditation is divided into three parts and is five or six pages long. The subjects relate to themes from the Mass readings for that day or the liturgical season. This work helps the reader deepen the message of Christ in the ordinary circumstances of the day. Topics include: Thirteenth Week in Ordinary Time: Love for God Death and life Don’t look back The value of one just man God’s Silence Missed opportunities The infinite value of the Mass Habitual mortifications New Wine Fourteenth Week in Ordinary Time: Helping others carry their burdens My Grace is sufficient for you As a river of peace Finding Christ in the Church The ascetical struggle Go to Joseph The supernatural mission of the Church Prudent and simple Love for Truth Fifteenth Week in Ordinary Time: The parable of the sower Love and veneration for the priesthood The Good Samaritan Parents and their children’s vocation Sorrow for sin Our Father, God Our Lord’s yoke is light Our Lord’s Passover He will not crush the bruised reed Sixteenth Week in Ordinary Time: The cockle of false doctrine Rest and recreation Martha’s work Faith and miracles The new family of Jesus Human virtues Broken Cisterns – the effects of sin The virtue of temperance The New Covenant Seventeenth Week in Ordinary Time: The great net Faithfulness in little things Learning to ask Leaven in the dough The friends of God The treasure and pearl of great value Christ’s Presence in the Tabernacle Without human respect Knowing when to speak Eighteenth Week in Ordinary Time: The messianic goods The Bread of Life To be rich before God Christian optimism Men of Faith The Virtue of Humility You are the Christ Love and the Cross The power of Faith Nineteenth Week in Ordinary Time: God always helps The Living Bread Waiting for the Lord The tribute for the Temple The lost sheep The power to forgive sins Our debt with God Matrimony and virginity The blessing of the children Twentieth Week in Ordinary Time: The importance of prayer The pledge of eternal life The fire of divine Love Joy and generosity The goods of the Earth At all hours of the day The Wedding Feast With all our heart Doing and teaching Twenty-First Week in Ordinary Time: The Pope, permanent foundation of unity Following Christ Catholic and universal Docility in spiritual direction The obligations of justice Loving our daily work Vigilance and charity The oil of charity Sins of omission Twenty-Second Week in Ordinary Time: The Cross in our lives True purity The first places The works of mercy He taught with authority He imposed His hands on them The power of obedience Friends of the bridegroom Our Lady’s faith Twenty-Third Week in Ordinary Time: Family prayer Listening to God and speaking to Him Examination of conscience Stretch out your hand The prayer of Christ – our own prayer Peace in adversity The merit of good works Divine filiation Full of Grace See other In Conversation with God Books


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