Ground Mount Anchor for Flameless Candles



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The Ground Anchor and its attachments provide a solid and decorative Base in places where the candle is mounted direct in to the ground. The Ground anchor is used with the flameless candles. Attachments Extension Ring: Raises the height of the Candle from the ground level an additional 1.5 to a total of approximately 5 to provide protection during grass cutting or other ground maintenance. Protector Cup: Protects the thread during hammering the Ground Anchor in to the ground. Remove after installation. Rubber Washer: (Installed) helps aligning Candle Accessory for our Memorial Flameless Candles- 7″ & 11″ Shop our entire collection of Flameless Memorial Candles and Accessories. Dimensions & Specifications Base diameter: 4.5 Candle height from base: 3.5 Extension Ring: 1.5 Candle + Extension Ring: 5.0 Spike blades (with 4 side wings): 11.5


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