Galway Trinity Knot Baptism Mug



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Galway Crystal is steeped in the unique heritage and beauty of its surrounding countryside. Galway Crystal has long been known for traditionally crafted crystal. The beautiful ranges of tableware and stemware from Galway reflect these influences in their timeless elegance. Galway is known for its exquisite beauty and perfection. Christening cups are a traditional baptism gift that became popular in Europe during the Victorian era. Children were given a special, decorative handled cup, or mug, on their Christening day as a keepsake to mark the event. Drinking vessels are symbolic gifts given for many once-in-a-lifetime occasions. This beautiful Galway Christening mug is a great way to continue this tradition for a loved child. This Trinity Knot Baptism Mug features the etched Trinity Knot symbol which Christians believe represents the Trinity: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Give a timeless and elegant Baptism gift that can be treasured forever! Galway Trinity Knot Baptism Mug One of the worlds best crystal brands Features the Trinity Knot symbol Makes a timeless Baptism gift Can be elegantly featured in a hutch or china cabinet Pure Crystal 3″ H x 2 ½” in Diameter Crafted in Poland according to the Galway tradition


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