El Camino – The Way of St. James (DVD)



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In this EWTN Home Video, several young American men make an extraordinary commitment to walk the historic route in Spain known as El Camino de Santiago – the Way of Saint James. Stretching nearly 650 miles, the Way of Saint James will test the spiritual and physical limits of its pilgrims, but it will ultimately strengthen them in an unforgettable,life changing way. All progress along “The Way” leads toward the Cathedral in Santiago where it is believed the remains of the apostle St. James are held. Most pilgrims choose to carry a scallop shell with them to symbolize their journey in honor of St. James. Scallop shells are said to have covered St. James’ body after it was found on the shores of the Galician coast. Listen and watch the pilgrims as they journey and are transformed. El Camino: The Way of St. James (DVD) Transforms the lives of pilgrims A journey like no other Filmed on site for nearly 650 miles 30 minutes


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