Discipleship Parenting – Planting The Seeds of Faith



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As Catholic parents, we have one fundamental mission: to raise children who know and love God, and who are so in love with Christ that they can’t help but share his message. We are called not only to be disciples ourselves, but to be discipleship parents, evangelizing our children so they become disciples, too. That sounds great, but we know this is not always easy. The culture often stands in the way of our raising whole and holy children. Sometimes our own failures, wounds, and weaknesses make it difficult to pour ourselves fully into the mission. Even if we are working to plant the seeds of faith, how can we ensure that the soil is cultivated so the seeds can grow and flourish? In Discipleship Parenting, Kim Cameron-Smith provides tools and insights to help parents foster seven ideal growing conditions in the home: • Love • Balance • Play • Merciful Discipline • Empathy • Radiant Faith • A Strong Marriage Raising children to know and love Christ, and to share that love with others, is the most important work we will ever do. Let’s join together in Discipleship Parenting and respond to God’s call and mission for all our families. Discipleship Parenting: Planting The Seeds of Faith ISBN: 9781681923529 Author: Kim Cameron-Smith Format: Paperback Pages: 160


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