Crucifixion Triptych



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The word “triptych” comes from the Greek words tri , which means “three” and ptyche , which means “fold”. A triptych is simply a piece of artwork that has been divided into three sections or panels. The panels are connected with a hinge so the piece can be folded up. Historically, triptychs have been used to decorate altars. This beautiful triptych of “Crucifixion with the Virgin” is mounted on wood panels. By the Italian painter Pietro Perugino in 1485, the scene shows the Virgin Mary, St. John, St. Jerome and St. Mary Magdalene keeping watch at the crucifixion of Jesus. The original painting is an oil on canvas and can be found in the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC. This triptych measures 9 inches high and 9 1/2 inches wide when it is fully extended.


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