Confirmation Black Wood Decade Rosary with Prayer Card




This hardy single decade rosary is made of smooth finish wood and dolomite marble, perfect for the active lifestyle of a young man. The red Our Father bead and Holy Spirit medal give a simple but powerful tribute to the reality of Confirmation, reminding him that he has received the grace to live as a man of God. This is a Catholic Company exclusive piece and a meaningful sacramental gift for him to keep in a coat pocket or his backpack. Includes a Confirmation Prayer Card. © Copyright 2019 Trinity Road LLC/The Catholic Company Black and red single decade pocket rosary & prayer card Hardy wood and marble design Keep in a coat pocket or backpack Masculine gift for a young man’s Confirmation Designed and produced exclusively at The Catholic Company Decade: 8mm round black wood beads with matte black and beige seed beads. OF: 10mm “Jade,” (high-grade marble) red bead with matte black seed beads & round beige wood beads 5 1/2″ Long 1″ ox. silver Crucifix & 3/4″ ox. silver Holy Spirit Charm, made in Italy


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