Catholic Parent Know How: Confirmation Revised Edition



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The Sacrament of Confirmation, completing Baptism, gives your whole family a chance to reflect with your son or daughter on the pervasive importance of our Catholic life. It is a celebration of the ongoing power of the already-present Holy Spirit in our lives, the Spirit first received in Baptism. That is why you as parents are invited and encouraged to be involved. The best preparation your son or daughter can be given at this time is to be surrounded by the day-to-day living of the Faith by you, the family, and by the adults in the parish faith community to which you belong. Find answers to your and your child’s questions and guide them as they prepare for this amazing sacrament! Catholic Parent Know How: Confirmation Revised Edition Answers for the questions you have Perfect guide to accompany your child on this journey Simple, clear, and easy-to-understand 11″ x 8.5″


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