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Keeping your energy up while traveling is important for your health…no matter how easy the trip, there is a certain amount of stress involved. And often you are doing more walking than you are used to.  You need to have something handy for a snack in between meals…..but you want it to be not only healthy but also with the nourishment that you need.  That is why we recommend the products from BuiltBar.  Although they are often used for those wishing to lose weight but stay healthy at the same time, they are also great for taking along on your travels.

There are currently many nutrition and protein bars available to the consumer. However, to paraphrase a statement made to me by a US Olympic athlete, they all taste about the same, like nut flavored cardboard. He confessed that, regardless of this, he continued to eat such bars. A primary objective in designing Built Bar was to make a bar that was high in protein, low in carbohydrates, had clean ingredients and would actually taste good.

Luke Tolley, founder and molecular chemist, has been making his own exoticchocolates for over 20 years. He finds and buys his own cocoa beans, and then, using his background in molecular chemistry, he looks for ways to create new flavors and combinations.
You can read more about their nutritional value here.
And, when you are home, their Built Boost selections are just what you need to build up your stamina and resistance.


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