Blessed Miguel Pro Framed Print



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“Viva Cristo Rey!” translates to “Long live Christ the King”; but here the meaning has many layers. Blessed Miguel Pro was a Jesuit priest who was martyered for actively confering the sacraments and administering the faith to the people of Mexico (during a time when Catholicism was outlawed by the Mexican government). Before he was caught, he would go to far lengths to evade capture and continue to serve Christ and his people, even dressing up as a cab driver in order to travel seamlessly through the streets of Mexico. Eventually, he was arrested and sentenced to execution by firing squad. He met his death as a soldier of Christ, eyes up and extended arms, he neither admitted defeat nor scorned death; but shouted “Viva Cristo Rey”. Long live Christ the King! This is a copy of the actual photo before he died. This framed print is a great reminder of our courage in Christ – that in order to stand for something, we must first stand up! Blessed Miguel Pro image with Viva Cristo Rey Inspiring reminder of heroic faith and love Display in home or office Catholic Company Exclusive Black Linear 8×10 Frame with mat Easy hang grooves; Easel back Heavy ivory stock


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