Before I Was Me by Frank Fraser



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Before I was me, When I was still with God, I asked Him, “Who will I become?” “Oh, my little one,” He replied, “I have great plans for you! I have chosen you to be a very important person whom I will always love.” Thus begins a charming odyssey of self-discovery, as, in conversation with God, the child imagines himself as: . . . an ASTRONAUT going off to work each morning in a rocket, stopping halfway to Mars for milk and cookies . . . . . . a BAKER baking yummy treats everyone wants . . . . . . a FARMER growing food for hungry people of all nations around the world . . . . . . a DOCTOR healing giraffes and rabbits, and, yes, people, too . . . . . . a TEACHER helping boys and bears and gophers and girls Become the best they can be (while giving hugs to the downcast!) . . . . . . a PARENT making the lives of children happy and safe; and finally… . . . a CHILD! . . . important simply for who he is and WHOM GOD WILL ALWAYS LOVE Before I Was Me A wonderful illustrated book


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