Bedbug Bible Gang – Easter Party – DVD



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“Hello! And welcome to the Bedbug Bible Gang Easter Party! The Bedbugs have been busy with the party preparations, and they cant’ wait to share the news that Jesus is alive! It’s the perfect occasion to party. You’ll love to hear the Bedbugs tell the stories of the Palm Parade, the Garden Surprise, and Doubting Thomas. So get ready to dance and play, because the Bedbug Bible Gang Easter Party starts right now!” The Bedbug Bible Gang – Easter Party DVD is fun program for kids that combines 3-D computer animation with illustrations and live-action puppets. The simplified stories are great for young children and speak to their level. The songs and games between the stories are fun for kids at home or even for parish children’s liturgy programs. Because small children are sensory learners, the music, song lyrics, visuals and interactive games tap into all their senses for better overall understanding. Bedbug Bible Gang – Easter Party DVD Fun Easter-themed video for kids With 3-D animation & puppets Great for children’s liturgy ministry Run time: 27 minutes


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