Advent Reflections: Meditations for a Holy Advent



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Amidst the hustle and bustle of the secular pre-Christmas season, these Advent reflections invite you to slow down and reflect on the season’s spiritual and liturgical themes. Shared over the years with grateful EWTN audiences by good priests and bishops from the United Kingdom and Ireland, they will help you do just that. Covering the Sunday Advent readings and events leading up to the birth of Jesus, these meditations carry you back to Bethlehem but take you earlier as well: to ancient Israel, where prophets foretold the coming of the Messiah. For in Advent we look both backward and forward – but always toward that for which we are waiting: the Second Coming of Christ. Let these holy bishops and priests take you on a refreshing spiritual journey through Advent, bring you the deeper reality of the season, cut through the secular distractions and anxieties, and deliver you to the Christ child. Each Advent, you adorn your tree and home with sparkling ornaments; this year, and with the help of these Advent reflections, adorn your spirit with the Word of God. Advent Reflections: Meditations for a Holy Advent Let this book help you adorn your spirit with the Word of God Author: Brandon McGinley Format: Paperback Pages: 160


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