40 Ways for 40 Days: A Family Guide Through Lent



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During Lent, it’s easy to get caught up in our personal sacrifices. We become so overwhelmed with surviving the 40-day marathon to Easter’s finish line, we often forget that Lent is a time of family faith renewal. With a focus on the traditional components of Lent — prayer, fasting, and almsgiving — this book offers a range of activities, prayers, and rituals to involve your entire family in Lenten celebration. Adaptable enough for any specific need or circumstance, these idea-starters give families the opportunity to share Christ’s gift to us in his sacrifice and reflect on its grandeur in our lives. 40 Ways for 40 Days includes ideas for: “adopting” an RCIA catechumen or candidate planting a family vegetable garden “positive” family brainstorming old and new approaches to fasting decorating a symbol of peace candle making egg dying baking family dialogue decorating an Easter blessing tree family prayer services and much more! 40 Ways for 40 Days: A Family Guide Through Lent Celebrate the Lenten season with these activities, prayers and rituals that involve the entire family Gives families the chance to share and think about spiritual values while having fun with one another 5½ x 8¼ inches


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