Don’t just grab a pair of sunglasses at the airport…Read this first.

As you head out this summer, you are probably ready to enjoy the outdoors…after all, you have likely been cooped up at home for the last few months.  One thing that you need to grab as you head out the door is a good pair of sunglasses.

First, let’s point out why you need sunglasses in the first place. In addition to the fact that being in the bright sun can tire you out and take some of the joy from you travels, the real culprit here is UV exposure…that pesky ultra-violet light that has been associated with many long-term eye issues, most notably cataracts.

Over years of exposure, UV rays damage the lens inside your eye, making your vision cloudy. Surgery is needed to remove those cataracts. A good pair of sunglasses will go a long way to preventing cataracts. This is something not enough people pay attention to….they often will just grab a cheap pair at the drugstore and think that is fine.  They may be, but it is likely they are not.

Your best bet is to get sunglasses that block 100% of all UV light.

That may not be spelled out on those cheap sunglasses at the local drug store or at the airport. And, usually, the plastic lenses are really not up to travel..they scratch, break or the lens just falls out.  By the time you buy several pairs over time you are much better off buying a quality pair.

Also, you should try to get anti-reflective lenses, which help you to see better.  Not likely to find these on a cheap pair.

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